We are your partner to getting just the perfect pictures before your big day. We understand the difficulties that come along the journey of finding a picture-perfect location for a photoshoot - The Picture Town is here to help you ease your way through it!

We offer you a variety of backdrops to choose from, both indoor and outdoor. Whether it is the romantic Eiffel Tower, a serene Treehouse, or a relaxing swimming pool - our offerings ensure we bring out the best out of you and your loved one!

Our team understands the need for privacy, when it comes to striking the best poses, and keeping that in mind, we follow a strict no-disturbance policy. So, just pick a backdrop of your liking, book a session with us, and shoot uninterrupted with no disturbances at all. 

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The Picture Town is a lavish 5 acre location with lush greenery and natural locations, along with a full-size swimming pool with a filtration plant and fountain. You have the option to shoot in 20+ beautiful sets which include a tree house, a colosseum, gazebo, machaan, swings, a jeep, and many other indoor sets.

You will be provided a fully air conditioned changing and makeup room, and will also have access to a small canteen that serves tea, coffee, bottled water, maggi, and pasta at nominal prices. If you're a foodie, you can also order food from Bittoo Tikki Walla and satisfy your taste buds! We look forward to hosting you for an incredible experience.

Find us here:
Alipur - Narela Road, Kurenai Village,
Holambi Khurd, Delhi - 110082